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Thursday 19 May, 2011

The development of MBT shoes

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In order to let the consumer to fully understand the dancing with the wolves brand, dancing with the wolves in next start new stores image. This would only limit brand development. Dancing with the wolves MBT leisure shoes, not only draw esteem avant-garde fashion dances with wolves leisure clothing fashionable international pop elements, in color applications, dancing with the wolves MBT recreational shoe idiomatic break fujian black, gray is tonal, bold and brave the heavy use at present the most popular gold and silver, and let MBT shoes show the real fashion sense.
MBT recreational shoe development and documentations of sneakers, but almost simultaneous development started in 2000 years later, MBT recreational shoe to difference in the positive image of the dress shoes, shoe stores have a place. Insist on original is dancing with the wolves reveal brand another important farmar upper hand. MBT recreational shoe club stores in, dancing with the wolves in provides consumers with a recreational area, name to national brand li ning, pleasure in learning, let consumer antas buy products at the same time enjoy dancing with the wolves body provides the omni-directional service. Only will products and brands perfect confluence, market-oriented, starting from consumers, just can MBT recreational shoe this field in share a piece of thick flavour of the cake. On one hand we established in wenzhou, guangdong r&d center, from the latest products from other information, auxiliary materials information and popular trend, on the other hand, we have 12 shoe pattern play board division, sneakers, and sells for famous stylist products provide unique design originality, make the product and brand perfect confluence, only without two. With the development of society, leisure and fashion has become the mainstream of the modern consumption, MBT anti shoes slowly become shoes industry is full of temptation fields. A But because of the lack of ability to agent enterprises, often leads to examine and control sales volume is not ideal.
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